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General Terms and Conditions

When you book a vacation home of ZaligInAntwerpen you agree to the following terms and conditions. Therefore, please read them carefully.

These general conditions apply to all vacation homes offered on the website of and its partners.

Contact details landlord:

Zalig BV | Dennenlei 7 | 2900 Schoten | Kathleen Cassiers | +32 (0)477 35 65 18 |

Booking conditions

  1. Book and pay
    • You can book via the Internet or by e-mail. After confirmation of your reservation by the landlord via email, the terms and conditions come into effect. The client/renter of this booking is jointly and severally liable for complying with the booking steps and rental terms.
    • An advance payment of 50% is required upon reservation. Non-payment of the deposit within 5 working days of making the booking will be considered a cancellation. In such case, the rental contract will be dissolved and the landlord will be allowed to re-let the vacation home to third parties.
    • The balance must be paid 6 weeks before your stay. This deposit will be returned to you no later than 2 weeks after your stay if nothing is damaged or missing. Any damages or additional costs will be deducted from the security deposit.
    • If circumstances force the landlord to cancel the vacation rental already rented, the tenant will be notified immediately and immediately the landlord will refund the amount already paid. The tenant has no further claim for this.
  2. Standard cancellation policy:

Any cancellation must be communicated to the landlord by e-mail.
If the tenant wishes to cancel for any reason, he will pay the following fees

    • Cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 100 euros.
    • Cancellation between the 90th and the 60th day before the start of the rental period: 25% of the rental price
    • Cancellation between the 59th and 30th day before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rental price.
    • Cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the rental price.

If the tenant does not use the vacation rental or leaves it before the end of the rental period, no refund will be made. The tenant can purchase cancellation insurance from his broker on his own initiative.

The deposit will always be fully refunded in case of cancellation.

  1. Special cancellation conditions covid-19, other pandemics or in case of force majeure:
    • You will receive a voucher for the amount already paid if
      • Government mandates vacation home closure
      • Force majeure renders the vacation home unusable
      • The voucher is valid for 2 years and usable for a similar season (or lower)
    • In all other cases, our standard cancellation policy applies (see point 2).
    • The landlord trusts the tenant to comply with all government-imposed measures applicable at the time of rental. The lessor cannot be held liable for any violations that might be found in the leased property.
  1. Permitted number of persons

Only the tenant and the number of people mentioned on the rental agreement are entitled to occupy/visit the vacation home during the indicated period. The number of adults and children will be listed at the time of reservation and any subsequent change must be reported. If the above rules are not complied with, the landlord may consider the rental agreement terminated by operation of law and access to the vacation home will be denied without any claim to a refund of rent or deposit.

  1. Arrival and departure

You will receive an access code (not a key) with which you can access the vacation rental yourself
Please strictly observe arrival and departure times. We believe it is important for everyone to be able to arrive and stay in a clean vacation home. Therefore, there should be sufficient time for proper cleaning between the departure of previous guests and arrival of new guests.
Arrival time: check-in is possible from 5 p.m. on the day of arrival. 
Departure time: check-out is no later than 10am.

If you are leaving on Sunday evening, please let us know in advance because of the cleaning.

  1. End of stay & cleaning

Final cleaning is included in the rental price. Nevertheless, the rented cottage and the garden must be left tidy after the end of the stay. This includes:

    • Return all furniture (both indoor and outdoor), plates, cutlery, glasses and appliances to their original places.
    • Leaving the property broom clean.
    • Place dishes, pans and cooking pots clean and dry in the cabinets.
    • refrigerators must be left empty and clean.
    • Upon departure, the tenant removes the sheets from the beds and places the sheets downstairs in the hallway or other place as indicated in the house specific information. The same goes for bath towels, bath mats and kitchen towels.
    • All waste must be sorted correctly. You may place PMD (blue bags) and residual waste (white/brown/green bag depending on the municipality) in the bins provided. All other trash must be taken with you upon departure. So, glass waste you deposit yourself in the public bottle bank and paper/cardboard you take home. The municipality levies stiff fines on failure to sort trash correctly. If the PMD is not sorted correctly, we may deduct 50€ from the deposit. Instructions on how to sort correctly can be found at the bins in the garden shed or garage of the vacation home.
    • Please leave broken glasses and/or dishes separately in the kitchen and do not throw them in the trash. This is for the safety of our cleaning staff
    • Please close windows and doors upon departure.

If the house and/or garden are in such a condition that the cleaning hours are not respected or if the waste is not sorted, the owner has the right to deduct the cost of additional cleaning hours (38€/h + VAT) from the deposit.

  1. Tenant liability
    • The rented vacation home must be occupied by the tenant, his fellow tenants or his visitors with due care and diligence.
      Respect for the home as well as our neighbors is absolutely required and crucial. We expressly ask that you respect the peace and quiet of your neighbors between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. and this both inside and outside the house.
    • Our homes are designed and equipped for families with children, groups of friends and colleagues.
    • Parties, celebrations, bachelor parties or similar in the vacation rental are prohibited. We do not admit groups of young people. If violated, all persons will be evicted from the vacation rental without prior warning – without return of rental fees or deposit.
    • The main tenant is liable for damages caused by him/her, by co-tenants, by any visitors, even if found after his/her departure. 
    • The tenant will notify us immediately in case of damage Also any complaints/defects it is best to inform us as soon as possible. A solution will then be sought as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for temporary interruptions in the supply of water, energy, household electrical or telecommunications, etc….
    • House rules present and/or provided at the vacation rental are an integral part of the rental agreement and must be strictly adhered to.
    • The tenant uses the vacation home and garden at his/her own risk. The landlord cannot be held responsible for damage or loss suffered by the tenant.

Moreover, it is totally forbidden to enter the home

    • to smoke
    • fry, fondue, stone grill, raclette appliances, etc.  
    • light candles: only tea lights in the holders provided for that purpose will be allowed. Smoke detectors have been installed and fire extinguishers provided on each floor.
    • Move furniture (both indoor and outdoor). So please do not use indoor chairs outside. These are not made for this purpose
    • to park in front of neighbors’ garages.
    • Pets are not allowed.

Liability Insurance

    • The renter is requested to be insured for damages to third parties such as liability insurance (family insurance).
    • The tenant is reminded to insure his legal liability (e.g. in case of fire caused by him in the vacation home). Please check with your insurance agent.
  1. Landlord liability 
    • The landlord cannot accept liability for loss, theft, damage or injury, accident of any kind caused to tenants of the vacation home, the games or garden provided.
    • The lessor is not liable for damages caused by natural forces, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and collision with an aircraft or its parts.
    • There may be work going on near your vacation home. We think, for example, of road works or construction activities. We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by this.
    • The landlord is not always on site. In the confirmation email of your booking, you will receive the phone number of the landlord and/or his representative, if applicable. If necessary, one can always contact one of these / this number(s) either by phone or Whatsapp.
  1. Complaints and warranty
    • Any complaint related to the accommodation or existing damage can be reported to the landlord by telephone up to 24 hours after arrival.
      In the absence of any complaint within the aforementioned period, the tenant is deemed to have recognized the good condition, correctness of the inventory and general cleanliness of the property; including the absence of visible damage or defects to furniture, plumbing, household appliances.
      Complaints formulated by the tenant after the end of the rental period are inadmissible.
    • The vacation rental has valuables and the deposit is to cover any mishaps or damage.
    • Checking the house is done at the time of cleaning. So it is in polishing that one can identify damage, loss or breakage. 
    • When everything has been left in good order and no damage or breakage has been detected, the deposit will be returned no later than fourteen days after your stay.
      If the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the tenant is obliged to transfer an additional payment.  
      Also, if the property and/or garden is in such a state that one cannot make do with the predetermined cleaning hours, the owner has the right to deduct the cost of additional cleaning hours (38€/h + VAT) from the deposit.
    • One does well to report spontaneous accidents to the owner. If one breaks something, it is advisable to keep the broken pieces aside for the landlord or his representative. This will allow them to determine which broken piece it is about and prevent discussions and misunderstandings. For the safety of our staff, we ask that you do not put broken glass in the residual waste bags.
    • The landlord always reserves the right to terminate the agreement and evict tenants from the vacation rental if a tenant or co-tenant has caused serious damage to the vacation rental or is causing a serious nuisance. In this case, the landlord will not be liable to refund any portion of the rental fees for the remaining rental period. 

All booking agreements and subsequent arrangements are governed by Belgian law. All disputes related to this agreement will be settled by the competent court in Antwerp.

Contact information : Questions about the Terms and Conditions can be asked through the contact info page.

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